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Uncovering Issues And Employment Employment And Labour Indonesia

JAKARTA, Garuda-News.ID –Milestones Toward A century of Supreme Master Bangsa Indonesia HOS. Tjokroaminoto, Jumat’an Forum Islam and Socialism (ForJIS) DPP Islamic Union will hold a seminar to uncover a variety of Problems of Employment and Employment and Labor Kita. The unavailability of jobs created by the government in Indonesia, the indicator is characterized by rampant Indonesian workers (TKI) who are looking for jobs abroad.

Indonesian labor force is not sheltered by the government, it appears from the difficulty memperleh work, and let the invasion of foreign workers (TKA) entered Indonesia so that its implications cheap labor in Indonesia increasingly be pressured to scratch the multiple benefits for employers. All the problems of the labor force, unemployment and Indonesia following workers are not enough jobs available, the time will be a time bomb ready to explode.

Here’s a variety of labor issues in Indonesia who want dissected in two discussion sessions were held ForJIS in Indonesia on Thursday, September 10, 2015 in the Hall Tjokro, Jl. Taman Amir Hamzah No. 2 Central Jakarta. In the first session is expected to appear Jumhur Hidayat, Ichsyanuddin Noorsy and Hanif Dhakiri. After prayers and a lunch break, is expected to appear later Sutiyoso, JJ Rizal and Desmond Junaidi Mahesa.

According to M. Nur Lapong, each session will be guided by Dr. Aji and Dr. Dedi Mulawarman Safinuddin Al Mandiri. Participants included Labour Organization, Students and leaders of NGOs and CBOs as well as among activists with the Organization of Professional and Business. Because according to him, all the parties concerned about the availability of jobs in the country and work force and the labor force is abundant in Indonesia.

The indication, swift Indonesian workers (TKI) dominant interested in working abroad. Therefore, a number of sources including Mohammed Jumhur Hidayat, Ichsanuddin Noorsyi, Muhammad Hanif Dhaheri and To the State Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General of the Army (Ret) and JJ. Rizal and Desmond Juanaidi Mahesa expected to explain the views and solutions to face the invasion of domestic workers from China.

Muhamad Nur Lapong, as Chairman of the Committee and the originator of revealing the rationale semnar Jokowi departed from the President’s statement at the APEC summit in Beijing, 8-12 November 2014 asking the Asia-Pacific countries to come and invest in Indonesia was met with great enthusiasm by the Chinese. Jokowi invitation was a direct response by the Chinese State officials to design the massive investment in Indonesia. The investment assessment dikonkritkan by President Jokowi through his visit to Beijing on June 25-27 March 2015.

Implications of China-Indonesia cooperation, the recognition may be beneficial for Indonesia to attract massive investment from China. But the opposite could also potentially harm Indonesia especially raises strategic issues. For example, the arrival of the migration of Chinese workers are placed in Banten and Papua have made public sad amid high unemployment in Indonesia. Issues that are very sensitive and could harm Indonesia ahead yet again if it is linked to high economic and educational gap between natives and Chinese citizen population that exists today where the population occupying the rank 3 in the homeland.

Disclosed are also seminar is part of a series of activities welcomed the 100 years the idea brilliant Hadji oemar said tjokroaminoto as Supreme Master Indonesian people who instill understanding and understanding of zelfbestuur or self-government – self-government – as a form of resistance against Dutch colonial rule in 1916 in Bandung.(***)

(Jacob Ereste)

Editor : Desta Aryati

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