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The global launch of the KidsLoop platform usung a new era for early


KidsLoop adaptive platform for early years

SHANGHAI , 2 May 2020 / PRNewswire – Calm Island, the world’s leading EdTech company , is hosting an online streaming event for the global launch of the adaptive early education platform, KidsLoop. KidsLoop will accelerate and enhance the digital paradigm shift in early childhood education through an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Calm Island also has a strategic partnership with the global education industry leader, Pearson Education. This partnership will bring together world-class learning content from Pearson into KidsLoop . Thus, children get new and interactive ways of learning in the curriculum.

Joe Lam , Managing Director , Pearson, Greater China and India , noted that the strategic cooperation between the two parties was established amid an important moment for Pearson, namely after the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

Several leading education brands from China, including Owen Group, cRAdleGrow, and MoreCare, have also announced their support to take advantage of the KidsLoop platform. In May , Calm Island soon announced more global education brands that joined KidsLoop.

“We have the honor to work with a number of well-known companies, and offer the best early education curriculum,” explained CEO, Calm Island, David Roberts . “KidsLoop is a new and enjoyable learning experience for children, teachers and parents. We are confident in Calm Island’s ability to bring joy and improve the quality of learning for children around the world.”

The multidimensional SaaS service from KidsLoop offers a diverse content and learning management system (CLMS), complete with a collection of content and tools for planning learning activities. In addition, KidsLoop Live can facilitate learning activities that are broadcast via the internet ( live-streamed ) safely.

Another important aspect of KidsLoop is the collection and analysis of learning data. Data privacy is guaranteed through integrated encryption on the blockchain backend . Moreover, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of content providers are protected with digital watermarking and DRM technology. Protection of user privacy and IPR have now become important features for new learning platforms.

“COVID-19 telah mempercepat banyak tren digital baru, dan kami secara jelas mencermati berubahnya pendidikan usia dini. Saat pihak sekolah menyesuaikan diri dengan paradigma baru ini, mereka memerlukan solusi internet sewaktu aktivitas belajar di kelas terganggu. KidsLoop membantu penyedia jasa pendidikan usia dini untuk menjalani transisi Offline-to-Online (O2O),” ujar CEO, David Roberts.

Calm Island is a global EdTech company that was established in 2011, and has offices in Hong Kong , Seoul , Shanghai and Los Angeles . Calm Island wants to combine interesting content with technology and data in order to improve reading and literacy skills in young children. Through its popular brand, Badanamu, and KidsLoop’s early education platform, Calm Island provides a variety of interesting learning solutions for children around the world.**


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